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Aberdare National Park

There are a number of places to safari in Kenya, as it is residence to some of the most famous savannahs in the world.


The open plains of this country are home to all the big game creatures (including the Big Five) that one hopes to, and almost expects, to see, take pictures of and share with friends and family back home.


Aberdare National Park


These savannahs are known for providing an outstanding safari experience, so why explore somewhere different?


Well, maybe the idea of a very large and popular safari is not something you specifically would edge towards; maybe it is the secrets and exclusiveness of the Aberdare National Park that makes it a key contender and a place to consider when planning your Kenya safari holiday.


In comparison to the more famous National Parks that Kenya plays host to, the Aberdare National Park is much smaller and consequently it provides a new elusive experience.


You can’t find the open plains in the Aberdares which the Masai Mara is so well known for, but instead there is the intimate moorland and a very dense rainforest. Forgetting about the game that you can spot on these safaris, the unique and breathtaking landscape that the Aberdares encompasses is particularly overwhelming.


The mysterious nature that surrounds this specific safari setting means that more populous animals that you can find in other parts of Kenya at a blink of an eye, such as the lion, buffalo and elephant, provide more of an adventure when trying to spot them in this area.


However, the main attraction in this respect is the forest species that the Aberdare safari has to boast.


These include the bongo which is a well sought-after antelope that habitats in this forest, as well as a black and white colobus monkey, golden cat and leopard. There are also other endangered species that the Aberdare National Park is home to, and these are wild dogs and the mole shrew.


The fact that the Aberdares are a volcanic range and that they are not too far from Nairobi means the landscape itself is a popular draw for tourists.


There are chances to walk through the moorlands, but also experiences encompassing the main peaks such as the Lesatima and Kinagop. The Mau Mau caves are also fascinating to explore. So when you have had your fill of animals on your game drive, there is still much more to explore.


Interestingly, it is at the Treetops Lodge in the Aberdares where Queen Elizabeth II learned of her accession to the British throne over sixty years ago, making it an important place in Commonwealth history, and also another attraction for travellers to visit.


Unlike other safari hotspots, the Aberdare National Park can be seen as a year-round destination – mainly due to the fact that it is surrounded by a mountainous landscape.


The drier, and consequently preferred months to visit are January and February and between June and September.

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