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Amboseli National Park

Located near the Tanzanian border around four hours from Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the Amboseli National Park is a well-respected safari destination in Africa. Amboseli is especially famous for the herds of elephants that inhabit the area.


Although it is known for large dust-filled plains, there are also a number of springs, swamps and marshes which are kept refreshed due to the park’s proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro.


Amboseli National Park


Due to the continuous vat of water that is supplied to Amboseli from underground, the park itself has always been inundated with wildlife making it a very popular safari spot for travellers. Compared to other parks, Amboseli is also relatively small and compact, ensuring that wildlife viewing is even more obtainable.


Amboseli wildlife


The Amboseli National Park is the best park in Africa to witness elephants in their natural environment. The large herds are almost impossible to miss when travelling around the park, which enables visitors the opportunity to take more than a passing photo, but instead appreciating their behaviour and interactions with one another as well.


The cheetah is also often spotted around the National Park, sometimes hunting on the open plains, or if travellers look carefully, sleeping in the grassland.


There are plenty of opportunities to witness other grazing game on Amboseli safaris as well such as zebras and wildebeest. Additionally, there are large numbers of bird species, making bird-watching a common activity in the park.


Experiencing the safari


Safari tours in this area of Africa are popular during the early morning or late afternoon. Not only is it nicer for travellers to stay out of the hot midday sun (and also an enjoyable activity watching the African sky turn a combination of reds and purples at sunset and sunrise), but the animals tend to retreat for the shade during the hotter periods of the day as well, making spotting them a bit more of a challenge.


Amboseli National Park is also distinguished by the number of trekking tours available as well. The chance to walk around the parameters of the park, as well as up to the higher viewing points while obtaining an alternative perspective represents another way to experience the surroundings.


Conversely, for travellers wishing to drive deeper into the park while getting up close to a wider range of species, then guided open roof safari drives - with spoon-fed information - are always a possibility.


The Amboseli culture


As a consequence of the close proximity between Kenya and Tanzania, the Masai tribe and traditions forge great significance in the National Park’s surrounding areas.


Visitors are often entitled opportunities to visit traditional Masai villages and schools while experiencing Masai cuisine and culture.


It’s not just the culture that travellers can get immersed within but the view of Mount Kilimanjaro is beautiful from both the Amboseli National Park itself, and villages such as Oloitokitok nearby.

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