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Kenya People and Culture

If you’re organising a personalised Kenya holiday, it’s well worth taking time out of a packed sight-seeing schedule to sample the incredibly diverse and vibrant culture. With more than 40 different ethnic groups living in communities across Kenya, this country really packs a punch in the culture stakes and there is a lively blend of traditional and contemporary influences to experience.


Getting to know the people of Kenya and it's culture


Kenya is widely regarded as one of the best safari destinations on the planet, with vast plains bursting with all kinds of wild species. However there is much more on offer and if you’re eager to learn about the culture of Kenya and get to know the Kenyan people, there are some fascinating trips and tours available.


Kenya Culture 


A cultural tour is a great way of experiencing Kenya like the locals and gaining an authentic insight into how people live and work; their relationship with the land and the traditions they have preserved for generations. Many tourists choose to combine safari drives with trips to local villages and this option can easily be added onto a tailor-made safari or beach holiday.


One of the most notorious tribes in the world, the Masai Mara, offer a unique experience giving visitors the chance to spend time with them and stay in camps run by the tribe. Not only will you get the chance to meet and interact with the people but you’ll also be surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You’ll probably be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of giraffes and zebras roaming around as you enjoy your breakfast.


A sample itinerary


If you’re trying to cram as much as possible into your Kenyan adventure, it’s best to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on anything this beautiful country has to offer. Here is a sample 2-day cultural safari trip in Kenya:


Day 1: get up early for breakfast in camp before heading off on a morning game drive in the Masai Mara. Keep your eyes peeled for the big 5 and don’t forget your camera! Your guide will take you to the best places to spot some of the most iconic wild animals on the planet and provide you with some useful and interesting information about wildlife and conservation in Kenya.


Kenya Wildlife


In the evening, visit a local homestead to enjoy dinner with a Kenyan family; learn about cooking traditions and typical dishes, gain an understanding of family life and hear all about the history of the Masai Mara and what it really means to be part of this intriguing tribe.


Day 2: after breakfast, head down to the village school to meet the children and teachers and see how schools function; what the children learn, pick up some new phrases and enjoy some singing and dancing.


Kenya School


After spending the morning playing with and chatting to the children, enjoy a laid-back lunch in camp before heading out on an evening safari. When you arrive back at your lodgings, enjoy a warm drink around the fire and share your holiday stories with your fellow travellers.


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