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Lake Nakuru

Situated about two hours northwest of Kenya’s capital Nairobi is the Lake Nakuru National Park. It is one of the smaller game parks in Africa but still represents a fulfilling adventure.


Whether visitors wish to be seduced by beautiful vegetation, magnificent creatures or astonishing views, Lake Nakuru captures it all. A sea of pink is often found by the lake where the flamingos take their rest, or in the surrounding park area safari travellers can get up close to the white rhino.


Lake Nakuru


From a lakeside view to bushy grassland, there is a lot on offer for every safari visitor. There is an abundance of wildlife, as well as astonishing views from the top of Baboon Cliff creating a magnificent safari sunset.


Lake Nakuru wildlife

The main attraction of the park is the diversity of creatures it is home to, but also the fact that it is habitat to a number of water birds including flamingos, which themselves are a large attraction to the area.


There are also other animals that attract visitors to the park, including nearly 450 different species of birds.


However, for most visitors it is the larger mammals that are most intriguing. Lake Nakuru is home to members of the Big Five such as leopards and is said to be the park where you are most likely to get closest to the elusive white rhino.


The Nakuru landscape

Located in Nakuru district of the Rift Valley Province, Lake Nakuru provides a wonderful landscape for a safari experience. The combination of larger water masses, bush woodland, savannah and superb waterfalls all contribute to a traditional African feel.


Baboon Cliff is most popular at sunset in providing an exquisite view across the lake itself and there are other viewpoints as well such as Lion Hill and Out of Africa. The beauty of these established spots is that travellers can get out of their vehicles with tables present for visitors to relax and enjoy a break.


Nakuru inside out

The park takes approximately half a day to explore and unlike other Kenyan National Parks, this one must be negotiated within a vehicle. The main road circles the lake itself, and is easy to follow while being well kept.


However, if travellers venture south of the lake, there is another route which is less frequently visited and much more suited to the appearances of black and white rhino, as well as the Rothschild’s giraffe.


Explore Nakuru

The Lake Nakuru National Park is situated very near to the town of the same name and this is why there is a fence surrounding the reserve so it’s not possible for them to wander into urban areas.


The advantage of this particular reserve is that it is very easy to visit the local town while appreciating the local community. It has also given the local people a chance to grow familiar with the wildlife, which has led to a wealth of specialist knowledge and regional conservation.

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