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Mount Kenya National Park

Mouth Kenya National Park is a unique destination with snow-capped peaks stretching towards the skies, surrounded by dry scrubland and bamboo forests.


Mount Kenya, an extinct volcano, is Africa’s second tallest mountain and represents the location where a young Princess Elizabeth discovered she would soon be Queen of England following the announcement of her father’s death.


Mount Kenya National Park


Located to the south of the Equator, Mount Kenya National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts, historians and anyone who wishes to be transported to a land where arid land seamlessly blends with ice and rock and animals roam free.


Mount Kenya National Park and the Aberdares


To the East of Mount Kenya lies the Aberdare National Park; this is home to numerous species of wildlife, as well as the domineering Aberdare Range, which forms part of the Great Rift Valley. Here, the safari tracks cut across plains with stunning vistas of the mountains in the background and the shadow of Mount Kenya looms large.


Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the precious experience of spotting bongo, buffalo, elephants, lions, black rhinos and myriad species of birds wandering free.


Attractions, activities and sights


Mount Kenya National Park offers an ever-changing picture for visitors; around every corner there is something to behold, to take in, to marvel at.


From gleaming glaciers and lakes so clear you can see your own reflection, to natural springs, verdant forests and vast areas of unspoiled wilderness, it’s easy to while away hours exploring and soaking up the atmosphere.


The diversity of plants and flora is guaranteed to impress green-fingered visitors and keen geographers and geologists, while historians will appreciate the historic link with Queen Elizabeth and adrenaline junkies will thrive on the thrill of scaling mountains and hurtling down rugged tracks aboard a mountain bike.


Safari in Mount Kenya National Park


Personalised holidays to Kenya afford access to various trips and tours within the park and there are plenty of animals to see.


Mount Kenya National Park offers an authentic experience the hustle and bustle of the more well-known safari destinations and some members of the Big Five can be seen, including lions.


Climate and when to visit


The climate is variable and there can be significant differences in conditions within the park.


The mountains are seldom seen without a covering of snow on the peaks, while the air circulating around the dry land beneath can be stifling at times.


There is no recommended time to visit and the but the conditions in January, February and September are often very pleasant, as there is little rainfall and temperatures are warm during the days and evenings.


Located just over two hours from Nairobi, Mount Kenya National Park was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. With a vast array of terrains, climatic conditions and geographical wonders on display, it’s a fulfilling safari destination that shouldn’t necessarily be overlooked in favour of the more famous Kenyan National Parks such as the Masai Mara.

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