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Samburu National Reserve

Kenya is home to some of Africa’s most incredible safari destinations, but Kenya Safari understands that sometimes it’s the ones that are slightly less popular that offer a more exclusive experience.


The Samburu National Reserve is not the most famous reserve that Kenya has to offer but one that should not be overlooked.


Samburu National Reserve


This hidden treasure encompasses some of Africa’s most untouched landscape and is resident to an unbelievable array of wildlife.


Whether travellers have ventured on several safaris or are embarking upon one for the first time, the Samburu National Reserve caters for all tastes.


It is particularly revered given its big cat population and is a popular place for its leopard sightings.


The savannahs and forests of Samburu mean that rare wild dogs are on sight for travellers to witness in all their glory, as well as hundreds of elephants.


This is the reserve which is not only most well known for its abundance of bird species – of which four hundred different species are found - but it is the place where travellers can also appreciate more unusual animals that are not usually witnessed upon Kenya’s more popular safari destinations.


Samburu’s ‘special five’


The Samburu National Reserve actually boasts its own Big Five or ‘special five’ as it is often referred to. Animals upon this exclusive list include the Grevvy’s zebra, the long-necked gerenuk, retiuculated giraffe, besia oryx and the Somali ostrich.


Not only does Samburu possess its own special five, but the original African Big Five are also spottable in the vicinity so a trip on this safari does not mean missing out on what other African safaris have to offer.


There are permanent springs around the reserve for travellers to admire as well as a huge population of crocodiles which you can witness tussling for their dinner!


An unbeatable location


The location of the National Park forms a unit with Buffalo Springs and the Shaba National Reserve. It lies on the Ewaso Nyiro River and is part of a wondrous savannah which is broken up by mountain slopes.


Between the savannah and forests, a picturesque landscape is created and arguably this scenery is a reason alone to visit. The diverse range of animal species it has to show off is not just an added extra, but a welcome accompaniment.  


Explore Samburu your way


Another advantage of this reserve is that travellers don’t only have to explore Samburu in a safari car, but they can also discover the surroundings on foot or mountain bike.


For travellers, it’s always worth visiting the local Samburu villages to become better acquainted with the local ways of life, providing an authentic experience to the African adventure. 


The animals are beautiful, the landscape is incredible and the local people and villages provide an enriching experience. Quite simply, the Samburu National Reserve is Kenya’s beating heart.

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