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Top 5 Safari Lodges in Kenya

Kenya’s safari lodges offer a unique opportunity to see the famous Big Five and enjoy laid-back beach living, but which lodges are the best and how do you decide what to include on your itinerary? With tailor-made Kenya holidays on offer, it’s possible to combine the best aspects of safari adventures and beach holidays, with plenty of time to incorporate sightseeing and relaxation in between so that you see and experience the best Kenya has to offer.

Here are five of Kenya’s best safari lodges to inspire your holiday plans.


1. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp


Cottar Safari Lodges


If you’re one of those tourists who likes to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country you’re visiting and throw yourself into action and adventure, Cottar’s will be hugely appealing.

Nestling close to the border with Tanzania, this luxury camp boasts eight chic, 1920s style lodges and affords privacy and seclusion, as well as incredible views over the Mara.


2. Sasaab


Sasaab Safari Lodges


Tucked away on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River with amazing views of Mount Kenya, Sasaab has a Moroccan theme, which will enchant and intrigue you. With just nine lodges, this is the ideal spot to escape and discover the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant wildlife.

You can choose from a range of safari options, including walking tours, jeep safaris and camel treks.


3. Alfajiri


Alfajiri Safari Camp


For those who like the sound of a morning coffee with only the birds for company and fine dining on the beach under the stars at night, Alfajiri is the perfect choice. This eco-friendly camp is situated on Masai land and it combines the best elements of beach and safari holidays.

The tents and villas are luxurious and you can enjoy butler service and look forward to stunning cuisine, which features fresh local produce. This is a family-friendly retreat with a swimming pool and a host of safari options tailored to travellers of all ages.


4. Lewa Safari Camp


Lewa Safari Lodges


For those whose main priority is seeing the Big Five up close and personal, Lewa Safari Camp is an excellent choice. The resort is located within a 250 square kilometre reserve which is bursting with wildlife and boasts hundreds of different species.

Lewa is proud to be home to around 45 per cent of Kenya’s black rhino population and a quarter of the global population of white rhino and guests can enjoy traditional camel treks through the dusty plains, as well as game drives, bird spotting and guided walking trips.


5. Amboseli Porini


Amboseli Porini Safari Lodges


Boasting a vibrant collection of animals, which features hundreds species of bird, in addition to elephants, lions, giraffes and leopards, Amboseli Porini enjoys a tranquil spot overlooking the impressively domineering Mount Kilimanjaro.

The camp is located on the Selenkay Conservation Area, which is partly owned by the Masai. This trip gives you the unique opportunity to experience the fascinating culture of the Masai Mara and enjoy guided tours with insight provided by people who have kept, tended and cared for the land for centuries.


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