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Tsavo National Park

The largest National Park in Kenya (although not the most famous), one of the largest in the world and the perfect addition to any Kenyan holiday - Tsavo.


Due to the sheer size of the park, it is split into two sectors – Tsavo West and Tsavo East, each as mesmerising as the other and each provide as adventurous safaris as each other.


Tsavo National Park


The Tsavo itself is a textbook example of a savannah National Park. Luscious grasslands and woodland which depending on the season can be dry or well-watered provide a different feel all year round.


The park itself has a reputation for providing a fantastic safari adventure, yet is still not the most popular destination for your trip – this popularity still lies with the Masa Mara.


Therefore, the Tsavo is perfect for travellers who want to have a fantastic experience, getting up close and personal with some of the bigger animals without the addition of crowds of people.


Tsavo West is most well-known for its breathtaking landscape of rocks and grassland. The mountainous backdrop, swamps, lakes and springs are only the beginning of the beauty that can be experienced in the Tsavo national park.


The landscape itself makes spotting the animals a bit more challenging as they can hide amidst the vegetation, in comparison to the open plains of the Masai Mara, but don’t let this put you off. The Big Five, a range of antelopes, a huge variety of bird species and hippos can all be spotted in this natural habitat, not to mention smaller animals such as the bush baby and Masai giraffe.


On the other hand the Tsavo East has a particular strong repute for its impressive herds of elephants and buffalos. It is flatter and drier than the west which consequently means that viewing game is easier. The diversity of animals means that there are up to five hundred different species of animals living within the two sectors.


The park is not only attractive because of its wide variety of game, but also the natural features of the landscape which make it extra special for any visitors on their safari explorations. The first example of this is the Yatta plateau which is the world’s longest lava flow at 290km and also Lugards Falls which is a series of rapids for visitors to admire.


Similarly there is the Mudanda Rock which has a dam at the base of it where animals can be seen drinking. This is not only a spot that can be enjoyed from your safari car, but you can even walk along the rock and appreciate the game in this way.


It is in close proximity to the Amboseli National Park and is also not too far from Mombasa, which means that when you have had your fill of animals upon safari, the beach is not too far away for you to get pampered while relaxing.

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